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Rated Pretty Girl Makeup Artistry offers readily available digital beauty & styling products and services you can purchase online! 

The Rated Pretty Girl Beauty Mystery Box is designed for women who desire to stand out on purpose!​ I'm giving you THREE items that will elevate your style,  guaranteed! 


Popping lips, flirty magnetic  lashes and fabulous earrings! 

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I've had the privilege of teaching hundreds of everyday women how to unlock the secrets of applying makeup without hundreds of steps and products that leaves you frustrated. We'll create a step by step customized makeup routine so you'll know what brushes to grab and what  products to reach for to get the same results every single time you walk out your front door! 


Exclusive Rated Pretty Girl beauty products. 

Easy to apply magnetic lashes and high quality lip products sold a la carte.

Purchase the exact style you want according to your personality and lifestyle!

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Replay coming soon!

A 15 minute or less makeup application for busy business owners who create content online so they  can show up looking polish without  having to sacrifice too much time. Minimal time, maximum results!

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Achieve the Smokey Eyes You've Always Wanted in just 3 Days. During my Smokey Eye Challenge, you'll get over 3 hours of instructional video showing: you only need  three eyeshadows and four brushes; you can use any color including but not limited to black and; you don’t have to blend until your arms fall off... ​

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An online website shopping guide curated with 50+ of my favorite online stores for fashion conscience, career-driven women with just as much sass as brains and beauty. All sizes and professional careers included!

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