Rated Pretty Girl Makeup Artistry offers readily available digital beauty and styling products and services you can purchase online! 

The Rated Pretty Girl Beauty Mystery Box is designed for women who desire to stand out on purpose!

I'm giving you THREE items that will elevate your style, guaranteed! 


Popping lips, flirty lashes and fabulous earrings! You won't EVER go wrong wearing these items hand picked by me! However, you won't know the color or style! But that's what makes it even more exciting as you wait for it to arrive to your door! 

And as your beauty expert, I know how important it is to NOT to look like everyone else so there's only a VERY limited supply of each month’s box. 

And once it’s gone... it’s gone!

An online website shopping guide curated with 50+ of my favorite online stores for fashion conscience, career-driven women. All sizes and professional careers included!

I've partnered with a prestige brand to confidently recommend the right makeup and skincare products that fits your skin tone, skin type and lifestyle. 


I'm here as your beauty expert to advise and customize your makeup shopping experience all while taking the confusion out of it when needed! 


The best part is you don't even have to leave your home because I have my very own website where you'll shop and become my preferred customer!

Achieve the Smokey Eyes You've Always Wanted in just 3 Days. During my Smokey Eye Challenge, you'll get over 3 hours of instructional video showing:

you only need three eyeshadows and four brushes 

you can use any color including but not limited to black and

you don’t have to blend until your arms fall off... ​


... to create a gorgeous and impactful smokey eye application that looks ah-mazing in person AND photos! 

I've had the privilege of teaching hundreds of everyday women how to unlock the secrets of applying makeup without hundreds of steps and products that leaves you frustrated.


At the end of the day, all you want to do is wear makeup that blends, pops and most importantly, looks like you!


 We'll identify your must haves and must do's to create a step by step customized makeup routine so you'll know what brushes to grab and what products to reach for to get the same results every single time you walk out your front door! 

Call your closest friends and tell them to meet you at your house for a night full of makeup and fun. I'll meet you guys there, too! 


I'll be taking over your living room. I'll set up makeup stations for you and your girlfriends, bring wine & refreshments, and most importantly share my expertise. 


Let's spend a few hours together where I will take a look at everyone's go to makeup products and give my advice on if and how you should be using them all while sipping on your favorite wine.

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