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Hey beautiful! So you want to learn more...

It's been an ah-mazing journey as a makeup artist and honestly no day as an artist is the same. Working in the beauty industry is amazing! I mean, imagine the how it would feel making a woman feel as beautiful on the outside and she does on the inside. Holding those small but powerful makeup brushes makes the world of difference in women's lives everyday.

It took me a while to fully admit that this industry was more than a hobby in my life; after the first two years, I finally knew without a doubt I was called to do this not as hobby but as a career. Doors kept closing in what I "thought" I was suppose to be doing but simultaneously doors kept opening as a makeup artist. Spring 2016, I took that leap of faith and became a full-time makeup artist.

Over the years, as I began taking my craft seriously, I learn from some of the premiere makeup artists in the beauty industry. I knew investing in my skills would give me the best return. I had the pleasure of learning from celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore, receiving hands on training from celebrity makeup artist Renny Vasquez, assisting celebrity makeup artist Juan Tamez and mentoring from my beauty coach Tiyana Robinson.


In this growing, fast pace industry, whether you're an artist on the rise or just an everyday woman who wants to look her best, it can be overwhelming on where to start or continue your personal development. Learning the purpose of each makeup brush's stroke takes lots of practice and confidence but believe me, mastering makeup is not impossible.


However, I know how important it is to take that first step in sharpening your skills so that's why I've created the

I Came I Saw I Contoured Beauty Educational Experience.


So, what's the wait?


There's no one way to apply makeup so why would it be one way for you to learn? When investing in my one on one lessons, I will a create personalized lesson for you based on your current skills and what you desire to learn. I'll open up and share everything I know which helped me acquire my first celebrity within my first six months as a makeup artist; earn two (2) cover spread publications within my first year; travel across the nation glamming up my beautiful clients for their special occasions as a full time artist three (3) years of artistry; and open up two makeup studios within four (4) years of picking up a brush. If you are ready to discover your signature style in makeup and own it, start your makeup assessment today! Just click the button below.

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