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a driven, busy business woman who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out!

Scroll Down if You're a Glow Getter

You’ve been doing this boss thing for a while now and if I must say, you’re damn good at it. 


But see the thing is, you’ve been carrying the load for....

.....well.... for everybody for a while now...


and time really isn’t on your side 🕖🕜🕣. 


As a leader, your standards are high and those heels you wear... girl they are even higher... 


But often times, the path you walk is alone that requires you to look graceful and put together because for what you do, all eyes are always on you! 👀


However, you just want to show up, do YOUR purpose driven thing, touch lives and get results. 


I’m here to give you permission to do one thing that you almost never do and that's to be selfish.


Take some “me” time while I make sure you look unforgettable right before each and every one your legacy moments that requires all your greatness. 

Join the Glow Getter Society and get catered luxury beauty services on demand around your schedule. 

As a member, you'll be officially one of my VIP's while making the boss moves you're accustomed to even up to the last minute. 
Learn more about your exclusive benefits below.


  • secured monthly makeup appointments that roll over and never expire

  • online booking services that can be booked within a four hour window

  • a signature go to look created just for you and your special occasion great for moments when pressed for time 

  • four different membership plans tailored to your career and lifestyle needs including makeup and wardrobe styling services

  • immediate access to my private facebook community where I'll share exclusive how to videos, weekly lives, pre-sale offers and other beauty business support services. 

You didn't work this hard just to look like everyone else.

You’re here to get rid of your anxiety and spend LESS time stressing and more time enjoying being in the moment of your special event, right?? 


I know firsthand how frustrating it can be as female leader with having so much on your plate and never enough time. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you tired of spending time on your makeup before your glow up moment only for it to look like you didn’t do anything an hour later?


Are you frustrated of seeing yourself tagged in photos from events and your makeup didn’t photograph how you thought it looked in person?


Are you tired of wasting time you don't have with shopping for the perfect special event outfit just to come home and wear a repeat outfit you already had in your closet?

Have you purchased a lot of individual items during last minute shopping but still nothing "goes together"?

Are you already reaching out to me every other month praying I'm available for your very important moment?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could just show up and focus on what you were hired to do?


​If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me tell you a little bit more about how you could take advantage go the Glow Getter Society.  Most likely you'll realize you are already booking me a la carte for these occasions. You will never have to worry about not looking your best again!


 personalized makeup look

Time isn't always  on your side.  We'll create a 

signature makeup look just for you. So if you're in a crunch or not sure what to wear, this look will always be a hit!


keep on 


Unused appointments roll over each month and never expire. You can gift your credits to friends 

or family at no additional cost.


bougie on budget

You'll get a savings of 15% with the monthly  membership 

plans versus 

booking my standard beauty services a la carte.


you're in charge

The one of best things about being a boss is being in charge. Book all your appointments up to 4 hours before on your own hassle-free within seconds.




Always needing more assistance comes with title. You'll get access to my private facebook community where I'll be sharing beauty tips beyond the brush.

How to make  

the most of your

Glow Getter Membership

I absolutely LOVE being able to brag about all the successful things you're accomplishing while wearing my makeup! 

As a member, you'll have direct access to secure me for those events you know about in advance AND for those opportunities that just "pop up." 


Just tell your assistant to secure your appointments monthly with just a couple clicks.


Take advantage of your VIP membership for occasions such as:

Branding Photoshoots

Speaking Engagements


Business Meetings

Product Launch Events

Pre-Recorded Video Content

Guest Appearances


Social Media Live Streaming

Charity Events

and more!

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join the society!

To keep club members at VIP priority access all year round,

there's only 20 spots available 

in my Glow Getter Society. 

join the society!


Select your membership plan


Click sign up & create an account with email & password


Check your email


Confirm email & click buy now to join (scroll back to the bottom of webpage)








Choose your Glow Getter Membership Plan

  • Best Value

    Hustle -N- Glow

    Every month
    perfect for the female hustler on the go
    • one makeup application per month
    • on location services within 30 miles radius of RPG studio
    • VIP access for last min appointments up to 8 hours before
    • 90 minutes makeup session at location of choice
  • You Glow Girl

    Every month
    perfect for the leader needing on-demand services for events
    • one makeup application per month
    • wardrobe styling & personal assistance within session
    • each beauty session lasts up to three hours
    • VIP access for last min appointments up to 8 hours before
    • in-home services within 30 miles radius of RPG studio
  • The CE-Glow

    Every month
    savings of $100 per month perfect for the CEO needing multiple appts per month
     14 day free trial
    • up to three makeup applications per month
    • on location services within 30 miles radius of RPG studio
    • VIP access for last min appointments 8 hours or less
    • 90 minutes makeup session at location of choice
    • private scheduling link to book early bird appts before 10am
    • * BONUS* monthly limited edition beauty mystery
    • 14 day free trial

Prices are subject to change and do not reflect variations in actual amounts to be paid, due to region, time of appointment, application of surge pricing, tips, discounts, or other factors. Actual charges may vary.

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  • When I join, am I locked in a yearly contract?"
    No, this is a monthly membership that you can cancel anytime. Any unused appointments will remain valid, even after cancellation.
  • How do I gift my extra appointments?
    If you want to gift your appointment to a friend or family member, send me an email with the person's name and email. I will email them a gift card for them to use for their makeup appointment.
  • Can I change memberships plans at anytime?
    Yes! Because this is a monthly plan you can upgrade your membership at any point. Just sign into your account and change your membership plan and you can use the new plan on the next billing cycle.
  • What if I need to book an appointment and I have used all my rollovers?
    No worries! Just give me the date and time you need. I'll secure your appointment online through your account, send you a seperate invoice and booking confirmation starting at $100+ depending on your plan.
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