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a driven, busy gal who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out!

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Are you a boss and certain opportunities constantly flow your way where you always have to be seen in front of others? You might think you can get your hair curled and 
bi-weekly manicures but that stuff has NOTHING to do with wowing your audience. If you've been doing your makeup on you own for a while, and notice it looks good in your bathroom mirror but as soon as you step out the house it falls flat in photos, videos and in person, it's time to become a member of my exclusive society.
You've got enough already on your plate and makeup shouldn't be a headache... in fact it should be one of the few moments you have for some self care and relaxation. 
By joining the Glow Getter Society, you'll be able to make the boss moves you're accustomed to by quickly adding me to your calendar and by receiving perks like no more rushing to reschedule your makeup appointment within 30 days in fear of losing your retainer fee. I'm here to reward you for the hard work you've put in. 
As a member of the Glow Getter Society, you will be officially one of my VIP's and have more exclusive benefits then my standard makeup appointments.

 personalized makeup look

Time isn't always  on your side.  We'll create a 

signature makeup look just for you. So if you're in a crunch or not sure what to wear, this look will always be a hit!

keep on 


Unused appointments roll over each month and never expire. You can gift your credits to friends 

or family at no additional cost.


  • a signature go to look created just for you and your special occasion

  • secured monthly makeup appointments that roll over and never expire

  • online booking services that can be booked within a four hour window

  • three different beauty plans tailored to your career and lifestyle needs including makeup and styling services

  • immediate access to my private facebook community where I'll share exclusive how to videos, weekly lives, pre-sale offers and other beauty business support services. 

save your coins

You'll get a savings of 15% with the monthly  membership 

plans versus 

booking my standard beauty services a la carte.

You didn't work this hard just to look like everyone else.

You’re here to get rid of your anxiety and spend LESS time stressing and more time enjoying being in the moment of your special event, right?? 


I know firsthand how frustrating it can be as an everyday woman and as a go getter. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you tired of spending time on your makeup before your glow up moment only for it to look like you didn’t do anything an hour later?


Are you frustrated of seeing yourself tagged in Facebook photos from events and your makeup didn’t photograph how you thought it looked in person?


Are you overwhelmed with shopping for the perfect special event outfit just to come home and wear a repeat outfit you already had in your closet?

Have you purchased a lot of individual items but still nothing "goes together"?

Are you already reaching out to me every other month praying I'm available for your very important moment?

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could just show up and focus on what you were hired to do?


​If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me tell you a little bit more about how you could take advantage go the Glow Getter Society.  Most likely you'll realize you are already booking me a la carte for these occasions. You will never have to worry about not looking your best again!

you're in charge

The one of best things about being a boss is being in charge. Book all your appointments up to 4 hours before on your own hassle-free within seconds.



Always needing more assistance comes with title. You'll get access to my private facebook community where I'll be sharing beauty tips beyond the brush.

How to make  

the most of your

Glow Getter Membership

I absolutely LOVE being able to brag about all the successful things you're accomplishing while wearing my makeup! 

As a member, you'll have direct access to secure me for those events you know about in advance AND for those opportunities that just "pop up." 


Just tell your assistant to secure your appointments monthly with just a couple clicks.


Take advantage of your VIP membership for occasions such as:

Branding Photoshoots

Speaking Engagements


Business Meetings

Product Launch Events

Pre-Recorded Video Content

Guest Appearances


Social Media Live Streaming

Charity Events

and more!


join the society!

To keep club members at VIP priority access all year round,

there's only 20 spots available 

in my Glow Getter Society. 

join the society!


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