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Time is the only luxury your brand can't afford.


My last business coach said to me on our first coaching call, " I need to see more of YOU!" 


I thought to myself as a makeup artist, why do you need to see me more... don't you need to see more of my clients (what I can do)?!


At that moment, I had already put off my brand photoshoot for a year. I mean, I had purchased the final look for my next brand photoshoot about 8 months prior that coaching call lol. I was procrastinating BIG TIME. I knew it and I had no excuse. 


I realized calling myself just a makeup artist was a disservice to what I really had to offer. I had been creative directing photoshoots and styling my current clients behind the scenes on an "ask only" basis for a couple years already.


Because of the my new found clarity, I finally took action and produced my next photoshoot that reflected the pivot in my brand along with marketing strategies and launches for the upcoming year.


And sure enough seeing me is what my audience wanted. Because.... I AM my brand. And my audience loved getting to know more about my business through me!


My straight off the cover photos got me likes, comments and coins, okkkaaaaayyy!!!

Now I focus on helping busy business brands like coaches, speakers, influencers and authors take center stage and show up in their luxury brand with a commanding presence just like me.

My goal is to help you save time by taking care of your photoshoot from beginning to end.

Your brand deserves to be known worldwide!  For your brand photoshoot, you want to choose the right team of vendors who will curate the perfect experience to deliver fabulous and powerful brand images that you can be proud of. In doing so, you will be investing in the best of the best, who understands the importance of a customized stylized photoshoot honoring the essence of you, unapologetically.

By selecting me as your creative director for your brand photoshoot, I will provide you with an all inclusive experience.  From the moment we connect, I will give you a stress-free journey where all you have to do is show up. I will capture your undeniable confidence that will connect you with your audience, instantly. We will become business besties as I calm your anxiety with laughs and serve you my signature drink while you're getting pampered with hair, makeup and styling because I know photoshoots aren't your thing. 

I know the importance of a scroll-stopping brand presence  online and the future of your brand and bank account depends on it. You've got to stand out on purpose, talk your ish and keep them coming back for more!

If you are ready for being recognized as a luxury brand and gracing the stage with style with an all inclusive photoshoot with makeup, styling, photog, video and more, I encourage you schedule your call to talk by clicking the button below so I may get a better understanding of your business.

Looking forward to chatting you!

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